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So Hard To Say Goodbye

September 18th, 2006 · 1 Comment

Last night I said farewell to the Lady that means so much to me. Reva Patrick Coon is my Grandmother and I said farewell to her in her hospital room at Mercy Medical Center in Mount Shasta City, CA. She ended up there after a nasty fall at her apartment in Dunsmuir. There she lay on the floor helpless. But fortunately the way she landed her life-alert was near her hand she pushed the life-alert and is now sharing a room with three other elderly ladies that are in the same predicament as her. She needs someone to help her to do everyday things.

She is in her 103rd year as she likes to tell people, not that she is 103, she is 102 but as soon as she turned 102 she correctly tells people that she is in her 103rd year. I have a strong tie to her, in 1997 I went to visit her to put together a documentary of her precious life. This tale isn’t your normal biography, she lived a simple life and shared her love and passion for life with everyone she encountered and trust me when I say this everyone remembers her. For her 100th birthday celebration I was the master of ceremonies held at Dunsmuir Park with well over 200 people attending. Her former students from every decade was in attendance. My wife graced the crowd as she performed two songs for Reva in front of her guest. “Her singing was, for me, the highlight of the entire celebration. With her velvety smooth mellow yet strong soprano, she entranced the crowd and I was close to tears enchanted by her beautiful a cappella performance.” which Reva says in her book It’s Me. Next people lined up to say their greetings. People came from all across the country as well as Japan came to say happy birthday to the first lady of Dunsmuir. I will post her documentary when I return home so look for it in the family section.

That was the last time I saw her… on her 100th birthday. I spent the last two days at her side in the hospital. She was not bed ridden, more like chair ridden. She really has lost her mobility and strength to stand. So I wheeled her outside for a few minutes and she was in awe of the gentle breeze blowing through the branches of a small tree. I could actually see her reacting to the breeze as if it were singing to her. Her head nodding to the sweet cool breeze and humming along? It was beautiful. The sunlight shining on her face illuminated a smile that will glow in my mind for years to come. The thing I absolutely love about her is the fact that I know I can speak openly about politics and current events and you can feel the passion of her spirit lead her thoughts. It is such a great feeling to experience that. When I wheeled her back inside the nurses stand over her and speak very loud and direct to her with no emotion or feeling in their voice very robotic. Reva greets them like an old friend and does what she has to. My oh my, I love that woman.

Reva Coon

I will never say goodbye…

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