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Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD

October 18th, 2006 · No Comments


Until I need HD DVDs I’m going to let the elite of the broadcast world fight over it. Experts consider this format debate of DVDs like the 80’s version of VHS vs Betamax. Betamax had better quality but because of the format and size of VHS it won in the minds of the consumer. Does anyone remember seeing a family lugging around a betamax video camera recording those precious memories? betamax If you do and had a father recording you as a child with that behemoth then you need to give him a big hug cause that was a mess.

Regardless which format comes out on top we will be moving forward to one of the two. If you have money and want to throw it around be my guest and help the industry decide which way this DVD debate will go. Or if you have a project for me and you prefer one over the other then that is what I’ll use…Until then I can wait.

What is your level of knowledge of Blu-Ray and HD-DVD?
I'm an idiot about it.
I think I know enough to spend a grand.
I like Blu-Ray. Sounds cool like some sorta Star Warsy thing.
HD-DVD is the obvious choice.
Joe Mama, I could care less
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