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To The Rescue

February 28th, 2007 · No Comments

I received an email on Friday from April with Lilac Films asking for some help on Final Cut Pro or if I could recommend someone. I called her and asked her how could I help.

She was past her deadline and had gone through three editors. She had a completed film but wanted to go back in and fine tune some edits. I told her I was available on Saturday. We made arrangements and she drove up to Greensboro from Raleigh with her Intel iMac and external hard drive. We set up her computer and opened her project located on her external hard drive and what do you know. The media files could not be located. I was alerted and searched for the files. No luck.

After talking with her a bit I knew right away what her previous editor did. I’ll call him Dude. Dude had his own external hard drive from which he was working off of and saved the project over to her external hard drive. You think that would be OK. It would if you did it in iMovie. Not Final Cut Pro. If Dude knew what he was doing he would’ve used the media manager and copied the project onto her external hard drive. That was not the case. So she drove to Greensboro to find out that we could not do any work to her project. I know how frustrating that must be. I showed her some FCP tips and we wrapped up the session. She called Dude and scheduled a pick up for his hard drive so we could extract the files from it. Done.

Sunday I drove to Raleigh in the afternoon. She worked on the audio all morning and used some of the tips I showed her. Very cool and she did a really good job too. I showed her how to add chapter markers in Final Cut Pro and then exported the movie file with the markers embedded.

We then encoded the Final Cut Pro files in Compressor and then added it to DVD Studio Pro. While the files were encoding I created overlay menus in Photoshop for the DVD. Once the files were DVD ready, I quickly placed everything and connected all the buttons and files. Build and Format, Done.

I couldn’t show her at a slow pace how we did the DVD due to time constrains, but we got the DVD done and that made her very happy. That is what I love about what I do…anytime I can come in and help a filmmaker or producer to tie up loose ends that makes my day.

There was one last thing for me to do. Use Media Manager in Final Cut Pro and transfer the project and media files over to her external hard drive from Dude’s external hard drive. April was happy and so was I, and I made a new professional friend. How sweet is that?

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