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[Audio] Conversation with Adam Zucker Director of Greensboro: Closer To The Truth

April 21st, 2007 · 3 Comments

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About_Adam_pic.jpgI had a great conversation with Adam Zucker about his recent documentary, “Greensboro: Closer To The Truth.” I share the deep understanding of this subject matter due to my documentary about November 3, 1979 called, “Greensboro’s Child.” I saw his film on Thursday at the Carolina Theater in Downtown Greensboro. The theater was electric during the film. There was laughter, not the knee slapping kind but more of the, “I can’t believe the former mayor said that.” There was also some extremely upsetting times when you could hear people behind you sigh out loud.

After the film, during the group discussion, the audience gave Adam the ultimate compliment by asking how can they get people to watch his film. Adam is currently hitting the film festival circuit check out his schedule to see if it will be screening anytime soon in your area.

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