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ReviewBasics Web Application For Telecommuters In The Creative Field

July 31st, 2007 · 1 Comment

I got an invite to review ReviewBasics from the VP of sales and marketing. I like to disclose any information such as that if anyone ever contacts me for reviews or praise. I have to say I’m impressed with this web app and I hope that this takes off. This is the kind of web application that corporate clients need to know about so more creative professionals can telecommute from home or from their work office.


Imagine that you are a freelance editor and just finished working on a project and you want your client to view your work. Sure you can post it on youtube and send him a link and make it private. What are they going to do? Comment about what changes need to happen before you get paid? Well I guess you can. But if you use ReviewBasics, you can upload the video file to their server and create a work space for multiple users to come in and play the video. At any moment in the timeline they can stop the playhead and create a comment box or marker so when you go back and see the comments you will see at what time they made a comment. That is huge, you never want to hear, “Hey could you make the shape rectangular instead of obtuse triangle?” Then you have to go back and find where the hell that obtuse triangle is. Not with this ingenious web application. You now know exactly where the corrections need to be made.

Go to the site and sign up right this instant, it is in beta mode at the moment and they are really receptive to feedback. A couple of shortcomings in which you can maneuver around. To upload video to their server it needs to be a FLV file. Most people do not have the capability to convert movie files to FLV files. Luckily ReviewBasics directs you to Zamzar. A site where you can upload your video file in pretty much any format and they will transfer it to any file you wish. I have no problem going that route while this service remains free. Another thing they are working on is live instant messaging while you are reviewing files or your file is being reviewed. Of course you could go to Skype and chat with your colleagues while they go over your work. But to incorporate it with the site would be niceee!!

Now this service isn’t just for web video. You can also review websites, illustrations, and documents. Just set up an account upload your files and leave directions for the reviews to follow. They even have a sweet walkthrough tutorial for everyone that signs up so anyone can do it. Go ahead and view the Video Review they have set up. I love it and will use this web application. Any potential job offers want to test it out with me?

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