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November 15th, 2007 · No Comments

This strike is not about greed! Hold up, let me rephrase that. This strike is about greed, but not by the writers. Watch this interesting Youtube video I found while I was browsing the COW. It describes how long the writers have been getting screwed by the studios and the potential for future screwing. I don’t think my eloquent writing will get me in the union anytime soon.

I bet this was thought up in an office meeting with corporate lawyers stating, “We don’t have to pay them anything if it is a promo piece!” So, I guess the studios/corporate executives will foot the bill to us their audience once everything is said and done. It smells a lot like what the internet providers tried to pull by hijacking the internet and the rates. Long live Net Neutrality.

Interesting side note anyone notice that Ze Frank posted yet another vlog back to back. Are we in for another treat? I’m just glad to see him back.

wga on has a great post about how much the picket signs suck… Aren’t they the creative force behind the show. I bet if you turned around the signs you would see a 42 minute drama starring David Caruso.

On the other hand Duncan Riley of TechCrunch thinks this may be the opportunity for online creators to take the headlines and run with it…

The strike poses an interesting challenge for television at a time where internet usage has surpassed TV viewing time in most homes. Users are already choosing online entertainment over TV, how many more will switch off their televisions when their favorite shows stop going to air? These eyeballs present a real opportunity for online content creators at all levels; from the VC funded video startups through to the DIY part timers. The trends in viewer numbers have all been headed online to this point, this strike could well accelerate this trend, particularly if it lasts over the long term. It will be a chance for millions online to bloom.

Where do I stand in all this chaos? I’m backing the WGA. As a freelance filmmaker I understand what it is like searching for a freelance gig every waking moment. Even when you land a gig, you’re always looking for the next one to come around. Those days, weeks or months of sitting and waiting for your next gig is stressful and especially when you have no health insurance.

Yes, it all starts with the writers, they are the ones that make you think, cry, laugh and say that was flat out dumb. Yes they do get a nice pay day for creating their work. For example, “A Christmas Story,” gets played every year (rightfully so) during Christmas time over and over sometimes 5 nights in a row just in case your Tivo missed it. Why should the studio bank on the television revenue and the writers get zip, oh I mean 2 1/2 percent? It’s a lost cause on behalf of the execs in my eyes. WTF!!! Just anti-up, and keep your audience.

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