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Could I Borrow $17,000… Promise To Pay You Back With Interest

May 10th, 2008 · No Comments

OK people with liquid income here is a deal that will make you drool. We are looking for someone to finance the remaining third of the film, “World War Dead.” We have about 2/3rds of the film financed and we are searching for the final $17,000 to complete the film. The first 2/3rds went to the actors, props and supplies for the film to get started and should get us through the shoot. The remainder of the money needs to go to post production… score, sound mixing, art work, editing and deliverables.

Here is the great opportunity for an investor, whatever you invest into this project you will make back plus 1% on each thousand invested.

  • So if you decide to invest $17,000, you will make back $17,000 + 17% of the total profit.


  • We sell the film for $500,000 minus the 40% to the distributors (200,000)
  • So we have $300,000 minus the 50,000 for all the investors… $250,000 left
  • Your $17,000 investment turns into your original $17,000 + 17% of $250k. Which is $42,500.
  • Total would be $69,500. That is over a 408% return.

Why Would You Want To Fund This Film?

Dogs of Chinatown Opera Trailer from All Aces Media on Vimeo.

Currently, Fantastic Films International is representing Micah Moore’s film, “Dog’s of Chinatown,” at the Cannes Film Market and all the other film markets across the globe. They predict anywhere from 400k to 1 million in distribution sales. That is going to make one investor very happy with the return. You can see his name in the opening credits of the film. The same people behind “Dog’s of Chinatown,” are behind this gem.

World War Dead Production Team
Blake Faucette ….. Producer
Jesse Knight ….. Director
Micah Moore ….. Director of Photography
Andy Coon ….. Sound

If you are interested make sure you contact me and I’ll forward your info to the producer of this film Blake Faucette. We are all Independent Filmmakers from Greensboro, NC and doing it on our own… looking for others to join us.

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