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Canon HV20 Accessory Adapter Shoe… Help!

June 19th, 2008 · 2 Comments

I have a Canon HV20 and I want to put my Shockmount on it. The only thing the Shockmount base is too big and can’t fit on the camera’s adapter shoe. Does anyone know if there is a shockmount that will fit the Canon HV20.

Here is the HV20 Advanced Accessory Shoe

The butt of my RODE Shockmount

My Shockmount on The HV20

As you can see the shockmount sorta fits but it is not secure and with a nice budge it will fall out. It begins to go in but the end bracket of the shockmount is widens out and that is the reason it won’t fit into the adapter shoe. I called B&H and they told me that the shockmount I had should fit… “I did it myself.” exclaimed the salesman. As I’m on the phone with him, the little hater in my head was telling me to cram the shockmount into the shoe. But I decide not too, I have a hard time listening to those inner thoughts.

I did call DVestore and talked to Guy, he had a solution to my issue. Unless anyone knows another solution I’m going to spend another $80.

I realize that this is a consumer camera but it does so well when I work on smaller budgeted projects.

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