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That’s A Wrap… Back To Work

July 2nd, 2008 · No Comments

One of the coolest things to see when you wrap a production is seeing the smile on the director’s face. I know what it feels like… it is amazing. The film is off to the editing bay and it should turn out great.

The Last Day
We had to mount a camera and light on a car and tow it in order get a car scene. Here are a few pics from it.


Shane and Jake leveling the mount and getting it ready for the camera.


We rigged the light up to a power inverter that was attached to the battery of the pickup truck and ran a extension to the light. Mounted the camera and light on the hood of the car and went on the road.

stupid Here is Jake the DP and Ben Key Grip, on the back of the trailer while in tow. Jake claimed that was the dumbest thing he has ever done. I think he has a great career ahead of him so I gave him some supporting words and mentioned that he will have plenty of opportunities to trump it.

I’m not sure if what we did was legal but common sense tells me it wasn’t. That being said the route we chose circled around the block and took us right through a police road block. Not just one cop car but four. Keep in mind there were 3 crew in the back of the pickup truck, 2 crew kneeling on the trailer being towed and 2 actors in the car on the trailer. The cops looked at us and we drove right through. All of us were expecting to get busted, but we didn’t.

farmhouseWe got back to the historical farmhouse and all bursted out with anxious laughter… then went back on the road for two more angles. It was the last day and everything else went smooth and we wrapped. I had a great time working with Jake, Shane and Drew… I learned a lot from each of them and had a blast hanging out with them. I didn’t get too much off time with the guys cause I was all over Raleigh-Durham area looking for places to crash. Which was great seeing all of my family and friends in the area.

I hope to work with these guys in the near future and hopefully Jake I’ll see you at SXSW next year. Now it’s time to secure local work and keep progressing as an Independent filmmaker. My clients in town are keeping me busy and I have some new clients building from a distance as I’m telecommuting to them. Exciting times ahead.

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