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New Year, New Goals

January 5th, 2009 · No Comments

Hey everyone,

I hope the new year finds you well and prosperous.  2008 was a great year and 2009 looks to be even better.  I’ve learned so much working with so many talented people this past year I just wanted to say thanks and I look forward to working with you again.

I also am planning a big 2009.

  1. Corporate Assassin– I’m focusing my free time in making this as big as I think it could be.  My goal is to make the website a destination site where people in the corporate world will go and vent and help along the story lines.  I have a phone line in which people can call and leave a message for the corporate assassin.  In that message they will tell us who is bothering them in the workplace and what that person is doing to warrant an assassination.  We will then use that message as the assassin is listening to the call to open the next episode.  So in a way we will be making the episodes based on actual complaints.  I believe this series could be something for adult swim or some other network that likes to take a chance on the bizarre.

    In the near future I’m planning to shoot an episode with Brian in LA with some very talented actors.  I’m planning to put up a plea for people with frequent flyer miles to donate 3 or 4 tickets for us to go out to LA and shoot a big episode.  I hope we can get out to LA sometime in May or June… yeah let’s get out there when it is hot.  Good focus, Andy!

    Right now this series is a passion of mine, I’ve worked in the corporate world just like many of you have.  I can honestly say the work is great but for some reason people get in the way of progress or just annoy the hell out of you.  I’m sure some of my ex co-workers have an episode about me they would love for me to shoot.  Bring it!  Everyone who has played a role in getting this series off the ground I owe you a debt of gratitude and a promise to put all my energy behind this series to make it successful.  Something else I’ve noticed about the series… it takes a lot of time and energy to put this together and I’ve been very lucky with talent, crew and locations.  But I need help, I need people to continue to look for locations, actors to sign up at our google group (sign up at the website) this is a place where you will find information about how many actors we need for the next episode and when we are shooting it.

    Also, I’m open to anyone that would like to add their flair to the series.

    • Writers – If you want to write an episode please feel free to contact me.  The only thing I ask is keep it under 10 minutes and I might make small changes to keep with the continuity of the series.
      Web developers – if you have any cool ideas that you feel would increase the promotion or would be a great addition to the site hit me up.
      Musicians – I’m always looking to add some cool scores to the series, let’s work together on it.
      Marketing – If you think of anyway to come up with some great ideas to market this series pass it on.
      Sponsors – If you know of a company that would like to put their products in these episodes or wants to be the assassins choice of products to kill with please contact us.
  2. Pilot Episode – I came up with a great idea for a TV series for The History Channel, that would be an instant sell for educational distribution.  I believe that every school system would order the series for their library or even a class.  It will be a mix of dramatization, Interviews with Historians and archival footage with voice over narration to blend the show together.  I will be working with a close friend this year on planning a pilot episode.  He is an amazing Historian and creative writer, Jarod, plan a couple of weekends so we can come up with a kick ass concept.  I know we will wow anyone who watches an episode with all the talent that is around us.
  3. Cookies – Blake and I shot a commercial for a cookie company and Blake had some incredible ideas for a viral video campaign.  No one with a traditional business would ever want to touch these viral ideas.  That’s why we are going to put together some viral videos based on cookies that do not exist at the moment.  We will be doing research, that means cooking and eating many different recipes and cookies before we feel we have the right one.  But we build a buzz first and a demand before we start shipping.  With a count down for our first orders.  This will be your kind of cookie.  An alternative brand that markets to gen x and the art world.  Think of Andy Warhol on crack… yeah I believe that market is open.

I’m really excited about 2009 with All Aces Media, especially the projects that Blake and Micah are working on.

Micah’s next fun film, Beat Down Boogie looks to be bad ass and I feel will get Micah national attention for this great film.

Beat Down Boogie Practice Tape from All Aces Media on Vimeo.

Blake’s film, Shadow Ops, written by Rick Burnett, looks to be intense and a fun film that will test us once again.  Can’t wait to get rolling on this one.

Shadow Ops Teaser Trailer from All Aces Media on Vimeo.

I hope you all have a great 2009 and if you have any advice on anything I listed please feel free to contact me, I sure can use some help.

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