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PulpFX Abstract 1.0 a Quick & Easy High Quality Slideshow Generator for FxFactory Pro

March 30th, 2010 · 1 Comment

When I first began reviewing plugins I thought everything was great. The time saved by using these cool plugins were amazing. The more you explored the plugins the better they are. That is the case with PulpFX Abstract 1.0 from Aquaufadas. It is easy and quick to use but if you want more control over the slideshow you have to spend some time with it.

PulpFX Abstract 1.0 for FxFactory is a collection of 5 generators designed to produce show-stopping animated slideshows in Final Cut and Final Cut Express.

From the atmospheric “Black Reflections” to funky “Light Slice”, you’ll the perfect abstract look for your animated slideshows with intuitive parameters for a fast track to extra pizazz.

This generator creates a slideshow based on a folder filled with pics on your computer. You connect to a folder with pics inside it and the plugin will generate a pretty cool slideshow based on the pics. It is simple and easy to use if you don’t care how or where the pics show up in the slideshow. If you do care it takes some time to get used to.

Like I said if you want the photos in any random order this is the plugin for you. If you want pics in a certain order you better name them correctly. Based on my experience, if you rename the pics by numbers the generator will make the slideshow numerically. For instance…if you name 1.jpg it will be first but if you have 10.jpg that will be second. Anything with a 1 in front of it will be first, so 11 will be 3rd and 12 is 4th. Another problem with the generator is if you title the pics it will create the slideshow alphabetically. Not cool if you want it in a particular order with the titles on. But there is a way around that too. Do the titles yourself in FCP’s title generator and place it over the pics when they come through….or export the slideshow and import it in Motion and use it’s cool text animations. Like I said, once you get the hang of it the better it becomes.

Something that was very useful was the information in the filters tab and click on the Aquafadas button that brought me to a website that explains each parameter in the plugin. That will help with any learning curve and one thing I applaud any plugin that utilizes it.

There are 5 different slideshow templates; Black Reflection, Cover Flow, Light Slice, Pulse and Static Pulse. All have their unique look. My favorite is Pulse. Love the look and the background images that it randomly creates.

Suggested Improvements
One thing I would like to see incorporated in PulpFX 2.0 is a parameter that gives you a choice to decide the duration of the slide, meaning the length of the generator would determine the length of each pic. Right now you can choose a timed duration of the pic used in the slide, what I would like to see is a choice to select the length of the generator in the timeline and the slideshow will calculate how much time each slide is in a :30 or a :45 clip. If you have a folder of 10 pics and you want your clip to be :30 you have to adjust the timing parameter and experiment until you see when the last pic comes into play. I’ve seen a few filters that adjust to the time of the clip and that would be a great feature to add.

Right now I use iPhoto for my slideshows because I can arrange the slides where I want them to appear in the slideshow. But again it took me some time in order to figure out how to get exactly what I wanted.

If I was editing for a company or for weddings this plugin would be worth the price. To be honest it is a nice price for an easy to use slideshow generator. But as an Independent Filmmaker in which I have to watch my budget I would hold off and see if 2.0 has the upgrades that will make it easier to use and a better product. You can always download the plugin and test it out for 14 days before you purchase.

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