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Sonicfire Pro 5 a Must For Any Final Cut Pro Editor

March 20th, 2010 · 1 Comment

As an independent filmmaker one of the hardest things to do is get a great score for a project. If you use Soundtrack Pro you cycle through the amazing tracks and have a difficult time finding one that you haven’t used on numerous occasions, or heard everywhere on the net or local TV. That is why Sonicfire Pro 5 is so great. With Sonicfire Pro 5 you will have the highest quality of royalty-free, layered music available to you and fully-customizable in a variety of ways to fit your video.

The music is of the highest quality that you will find available for royalty free music. The categories of music is essentially for any video you can think of. Here is a list which is full of music tracks for you to customize.

Just like all software, you need to get an understanding of what each window does before you can go and play. With Sonicfire Pro 5 it was easy enough to get things started. Once I opened the software up I began downloading the CDs that came with the package and it was really easy to upload the tracks and get things started. I successfully scored a video track without even referring to the instructions or tutorials. Which brings me to the tutorials, which Larry Jordan knocks it out of the park and I’m really glad he teamed up with SmartSound.

Final Cut Pro Integration
The sweet function about Sonicfire Pro 5 is that you can import markers from Final Cut Pro into Sonicfire Pro and create perfect synced music with your video. Not sure if that was available in their previous edition but it compares with Soundtrack Pro’s features of importing your footage and scoring it with Soundtrack’s library. Instead of importing the video into Sonicfire Pro it imports the data from the markers. That way you can export a synced score to your video. Sweet!

Timing Control
I messed around with Timing Control and realized how cool this feature is. You can manipulate every track that Sonicfire Pro has to offer and change up intensity or bring it back down with the timing control feature. Open a video file in Sonicfire Pro and manipulate the audio track to fill the b-roll coverage with the exact feel that you are going for and move around the timing controls to a specific point on the track to get perfect placement for an emotional and a controlled score. To watch it in action check out the tutorial.

My Take
If you can afford it, get it. If you can’t, save up and get it. That is how important it is to have this in your editor’s toolkit. Especially for filmmakers like me that can’t compose a soundtrack or create music or have a budget to hire a composer. If I had my way I would work with a composer and get inspiration from their music…but realistically this is the best option. It takes some time to get used to the application but if you go to Smart Sound Music’s youtube channel it will help you with the learning curve immediately.

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    hola como me puden ayudar para encontrar un editor y tener una vuena edicion de peliculas caseras gracias

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