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How Steve Jobs Impacted My Life

October 6th, 2011 · No Comments

First, it is a shame that I had to wait until his passing in order to share how he changed my life. But that is the culture we live in.

When I was just a wee laddie my father purchased and brought home one of the first Macintosh computers. It was a strange looking machine and none of us knew how to use it. From there the Mac upgrades began to Apple IIe then the Apple IIc. All I can do on those computers was to create a simple program and used the term “run” to make things repeat themselves over and over on the computer screen. I dabbled in logo and never really got into it. That was until my brother gave me his Power Macintosh 9600 when he upgraded to a G3. I went off to school with that big clunker and it did me well for about 4 years until I bought an iMac DV+ (G3).

That was when Final Cut Pro came out and allowed all us little people the power to begin storytelling. I graduated from film school and couldn’t afford to purchase any equipment. The cheapest professional camcorders at that time were $50,000. Then Canon teamed with Apple to give us the power to tell stories. That was when I finished my first documentary. “Greensboro’s Child,” was a project I started in College and finished 3 years after graduating because I finally had editing equipment. It was self-produced and funded while I worked delivering pizzas in Greensboro, NC. It won a couple of awards and was shown in 5 film festivals. At the time that was all I could afford to submit to.

Steve Jobs also changed the marketplace forever. Big creative edit suites filled with broadcasting gear began downsizing and eventually going out of business because how affordable owning a editing suite became. Small businesses began purchasing equipment and hiring staff to run it. Eventually, that is where I ended up and worked at a small family owned business for four years while polishing up my skills. During that time I created this blog as a personal journal while learning the ins and outs of FCP. After I left that workplace I freelanced for two years and was able to keep afloat because of FCP.

Today, I am very fortunate to work where I do all because of Apple and Final Cut Pro. In the first five years of Final Cut Pro you would get laughed at if you told a production house that all of your editing was on FCP. Now it is embedded in almost every major TV station, advertising firm and motion picture house. The career I have I owe to the visionary of Steve Jobs and Apple. But the personal projects that I have been able to accomplish because of the computer and software is really what means the most to me. Telling Tim’s story about living with ALS has changed my life forever. I’m aware of everything that allowed me to be a part of that movement and by no means do I take any of it for granted.

Steve, one piece of your vision has sparked a revolution that changed the media game forever. For that I am truly grateful and appreciative of your leadership that gave me an opportunity to work and play in the field that I love. May you rest in peace and know that your ideas and dreams have inspired the world. My heart and sympathies are with your family and the Apple communities…you will be missed but never forgotten.

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